TIGERIFY Tempered Glass Guard for Sony T2 ULTRA (0.3mm glass)(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 899
Price - Rs. 249

product description

  1. Quick and easy to install.
  2. It has Anti-Dust protection feature which surrounds the screen to prevent dust as well as reducing UV sun light caused by reflected light, protecting your eyes and screen.
  3. It helps to prevent your screen from scrapes and scratches, and helps to improve handwriting recognition for an easier use.
  4. The non-adhesive back will not leave sticky residue.It is a high quality tempered glass.Don't run back of cheap prices.Because you get cheap tempered glass at low prices.If you want good quality tempered glass for high protection,then buy our product.We provide premium quality glasses only,which gives strong protection to your phone display.

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