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FAD-E Edge To Edge Tempered Glass for Nokia 7.1(Pack of 1)

FAD-E Edge To Edge Tempered Glass for Nokia 7.1(Pack of 1)
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"Front Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Full Glue technology - Oleophobic coating which minimises reflection & glares - High transparency levels & Scratch Resistant - 0.26mm thickness - Curved ARC which covers complete edge to edge front screen - The top, bottom & side frame is coloured & balance portion is completely transparent. The adhesive glue on this design is available on both Colored Rims and also the transparent portion - Perfectly sticks to the screen. Any small bubbles after application will automatically disappear within 24-48 hrs. (Full Covered coloured tempered glass tend to be more fingerprint magnet due to its design factor as compared to regular clear tempered glass but at the same time offer you complete screen coverage which cannot be offered by clear tempered glass)"

Color:   Clear Transparent

Price:   245.00

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This tempered glass is a must have protection for your smartphone to protect its screen from dust, scratch & shock. In our daily life there are high chances of phone falling off. By applying this premium 9H 6D curved edge-to-edge tempered glass on your phone you can protect your phone's valuable screen from damage. This glass has anti-Scratch, anti-Glare, anti-Static, and anti-Friction properties which makes it a best screen protector. To give a best in class view this glass is 100% clear & transparent & is just around 0.3 mm thick. Its made from high quality imported glass material manufactured via nanotechnology which is best suited for mobile phone protection. This excellent defensive glossy finish ultra clear glass fits edge to edge on your smartphone screen and gives ultimate protection. This glass protector provides great light transmittance and restores the original color of your smartphone screen. So now use your smartphone with this brand new ultra slim profile tempered glass which provides ultimate protection to your smartphone.This is the best protection you can get for your smartphone screen

Brand:   FrndzMart

Color:   Transparent

Price:   198.00

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