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  1. \"ULTIMATE PROTECTION AND USABILITY: Our Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are designed to protect your device screen against impact, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges.
  2. Manufactured from a high quality chemically treated glass, the screen protectors are lightweight, thin but most importantly, extremely protective.
  3. After lot of experiment by our Team have finally developed a technique where major problems like Rainbow Effect, Dust Particles entering from sides, Weak Adhesion, Less responsiveness have been removed completely.
  4. \" HARDNESS: Industry-high hardness: Effectively resists scratches up to 10H (harder than a knife).
  5. OLEOPHOBIC COATING: The Oleophobic coating built into these screen protectors is a special oil-repellant coating which prevents oily fingermarks from sticking to the screen, so that they can be easily wiped off without leaving hard to remove dried on smudges.
  6. EASY INSTALLATION: Due to their solid nature, tempered glass screen protectors are much easier to fit and less error prone than standard screen protectors.
  7. Also, we have included range of accessories which smoothens the installation process WARRANTY INCLUDED: For added peace of mind, this screen protector comes complete with a 10 days limited covering any defects ATTENTION: This Version of Screen protector is for the newest updated model,99.9% touch-screen accurate with [3D Touch Compatible].
  8. 9H hardness glass maximum protection from high-impact

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