TDG Tempered Glass Guard for Apple iPhone 6s Plus(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 1999
Price - Rs. 399

product description

  1. The TDG 2.5D Curve Edge Premium HD Finish PRO+ Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 6S Plus will prevent from scratches on your device screen without sacrificing visibility.
  2. Its dust repelling, reduces glare, smudges and improves clarity.
  3. It uses a static adhesive that will not leave a residue when removed, and makes installation error-proof.
  4. The screen glass guard also comes along with a alcohol swab / microfiber cleaning cloth, allowing you to remove dust or debris from your screen before applying the Screen Protector.
  5. The bubble-free application makes TDG's screen protectors an ultimate solution for making your device screen brilliant and scratch-free.
  6. The (White Colour) (Perfect Fit, Edge to Edge Coverage, Full Curve, 3D) Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 6S Plus Screen Protector comes with Surface Hardness of 9H which ensures natural glass feel and flawless accuracy with no interference in touch responsiveness.
  7. FEATURES OF THIS GLASS:—> MATERIAL: - Premium imported AGC glass Japan; —> TEMPERING: 9H hardness by tempering more than 4 hours to assure the iPhone 6 plus tempered glass screen protector featuring maximum protection from daily scratches, shock, drops, bumps and smudges.
  8. Also the Premium imported adhesive provides an excellent exhaust to easily squeeze out bubbles, if any.
  9. —> 3D CURVED ROUND EDGE: Adopting laser technology to carve a straight glass into 3D curved glass, making it perfect fit with the phone screen and providing all-round protection at maximum, give no chance for any dust to enter thru edges.
  10. Full coverage iPhone 6S Plus screen cover, will not crack on the edge, efficiently providing all-around protection for your phone screen at maximum.The edge-to-edge cover helps avoid chipped of your phone screen and sharp sides.
  11. The Tempered Gorilla Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6S Plus is designed to cover full front of the phone and curves on the tempered glass match the curves on the phone.
  12. This premium tempered glass protects every millimeter of your smart phone screen.
  13. Unlike the other cheap Tempered Glasses, this 3d Glass gives you a premium looking edge to edge protection.—>TRANSPARENCY: High Definition 99.9% HD clarity iPhone 6S Plus screen protector provides an original vision and touch experience.
  14. This glass supports apple’s 3D touch with quick response.
  15. The Apple iPhone 6S Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector has an oleophobic coating which provides premium protection from smudges and fingerprints.—> EASY INSTALLATION—> Easy install tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6S Plus, get rid of peeling and curling, dust or fingerprint resistant and bubble free 10 Day Warranty & friendly customer service available, any problem happens, just contact TDG customer service team for your iPhone 6S Plus glass screen protector.
  16. —> PLEASE NOTE: 1.
  17. The main function of screen protector is to prevent phone screen from scratches and it plays a role as auxiliary protection while falling down.
  18. 2.
  19. Please apply the screen protector only after removing phone cases, if any.
  20. Since the cases may not allow the edges to be placed properly.
  21. 3.
  22. As for the 3D curved screen protector, if there is any bubble on the corner like not sticking well, that's probably the reason of your phone case which pushes the screen protector and forces it to lift-up.
  23. To get the bubble out, you need to take off your phone case and then squeeze out the bubble or reattach the screen protector if necessary.
  24. Then the bubbles will disappear within 24 hours.—> COLOUR :The White color iPhone 6 plus screen protector follows apple's original colour, perfectly fit and matching well with your White iPhone 6 plus.
  25. —> OTHER FEATURES:1.
  26. The Apple iPhone 6S Plus Screen Protector Guard is scratch proof.
  27. The Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 6S Plus doesn't get scratches even if scratched with keys in your pocket.
  28. 2.
  29. If the Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6S Plus is broken, the glass will break into small parts but stay in one piece, making it safer for glass screen of your phone.
  30. 3.
  31. The (White Colour) (Perfect Fit, Edge to Edge Coverage, Full Curve, 3D) Apple iPhone 6S Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector is coated on the back with strong silicon adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the glass firmly on your phone screen.
  32. 4.
  33. The Apple iPhone 6S Plus Screen Protector is bubble free.

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