Noise Combo Of Noise 13 in 1 Purple Budha And Aboriginal Headwrap Men's Printed Bandana(Pack of 2)

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 429

product description

  1. Noise Headwrap Combo of 2 - Each head wrap can be worn in 13 different styles like bandanna, head-band, wrist-band, cap, pirate cap, bavalanch, alice band and more (please refer to the collage for different ways and styles of wearing the head wraps).
  2. Apart from the styling, these head wraps protect you from dirt, dust and sunlight.
  3. These head wraps are made of seamless micro-fibre that absorbs sweat in summers and protects you in winters.
  4. Noise is a youth-centric unisex brand for adventure and sports.
  5. Their revolutionary head wraps are funky, sporty and yet a very useful fashion accessory for all age groups.


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