Kuber Industries Solid Men's Blue Track Pants

MRP - Rs. 1999
Price - Rs. 999

product description

  1. Kuber Industries pajama/lower/track pant is made of high quality pure cotton material so, this is very durable, long-lasting and soft in touch.
  2. This has elastic waist which makes it comfortable and adjustable.
  3. This come in 110x36 CM size and this has multiple pockets which are make enough space to keep mobile, wallet, keys, etc.
  4. When you wear it we are sure you feel comfortable.
  5. You can ware it during journey or at your home.
  6. The pajama has cotton material which is easy to wash and easy to dry, no extra care is required for it.
  7. It is perfect addition to your wardrobe for comfortable wear.

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