Urbancart Steel Floor Cloth Dryer Stand(Steel)

MRP - Rs. 2999
Price - Rs. 1475

product description

  1. When it comes to clothes, there are so many ways to hang, fold, stack, hide and pile them.
  2. We just want to help you do it efficiently so that you never have to look for something again.
  3. When your closet is well-organized, getting out the door in the morning becomes easier and having nothing to wear becomes a thing of the past, because your favorite little dress is exactly where you hung it.
  4. If you need a professional-quality rack for hanging clothes, look no further!!.
  5. This sturdy closet organiser provides a space saving solution to your crowded closet or laundry room.
  6. This versatile garment rack features smooth-rolling wheels to make moving garments from the laundry room to your closet quick and easy.
  7. With this garment rack you could turn any odd corner of your house into a clothes closet, store your out-of-season clothing in an attic or elsewhere, or give your guests a nice place to hang their coats when you're hosting a party.
  8. Whether your cloth collection is all about function or an extension of your style, keeping them neat and accessible means getting out the door a little easier.
  9. make your everyday tasks quicker and easier so you have more time for what you like by using this adjustable, moveable, Stylish Cloth organizer !

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