Funskool JENGA TUBE PACK, Edge of your Seat Fun(Multicolor)

MRP - Rs. 849
Price - Rs. 541

product description

  1. Buy a revised version of the classic wood block game, Funskool Jenga, that comes in a tube packaging for better storage and portability.
  2. Let your family bond together, and refresh themselves at the end of the day by stacking blocks, building towers, and competing to win by unstacking the blocks.
  3. A Family Entertainment Game It is a great family game with no age limits, and no restrictions on the number of players.
  4. It does not require any particular skill, rather enhances the logical reasoning and problem solving capabilities.
  5. No Boredom Every game is different, as it depends on the moves of different players.
  6. The only rule being removing a block without disrupting the tower.

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