DIY Crafts A535

MRP - Rs. 4799
Price - Rs. 4299

product description

  1. Designed for Die Grinder, Dremmel Tool or Rotary Drill which can go along with 1/8\" shank carbide burs.
  2. * Sharp and sturdy, processing all kinds of metal and non-metal.
  3. The machining hardness can reach to HRC70.
  4. * Shank: 1/8 inch(3mm), Length:8/5 inch(40mm).
  5. * Speed is generally 6000-50000 rev / min.
  6. * Cutting burs are larger than normal ones which makes it easier to do the wood job of carving.
  7. * Rapid chip removal, high precision machining materials, such as wood carving, glass fiber, plastic, aluminum, etc.
  8. * For jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair, diyer.
  9. * Package includes: 20 Tungsten steel Solid Burrs.
  10. * Compatibility: smaller rotary tools such as those made by Dremel.

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