Plus shine Pubg Trigger K01 Metal Transparent Gaming Accessory Kit(Transparent, For Android)

MRP - Rs. 399
Price - Rs. 105

product description

  1. Mobile Game Controller is designed to strengthen your fighting capacity in the game Not Blocking the Map Our Updated PUBG Game Controller Prevents The Problems Of Blocking The Map, & Give You A Great View.
  2. # Highly Sensitive Touch, Eat Chicken Quickly! Moving Aiming And Shooting At The Same Time, Reduce The Reaction Time So That You Can Shoot The Enemies Quickly.
  3. # Press-Type Design Playing With 4 Fingers, Effectively Avoid Operational Errors, Like The Real Game Controller To Operate L1 And R1.
  4. # Knob-Type Design Knob-Type Design Makes The Mobile Game Controller Is Not Easy To Move, We Can Play Games More Stable.
  5. # Supported Devices Perfectly fits 4.5-6.5inch Apple and Android phones.
  6. Such as Redmi Phones iPhoneX/8/7/7plus/6s/6splus/6/6plus, SamsungS9/S8/S8+/Note8, Nexus5X/6P, Huawei P10/P9/P9Plus, OnePlus 2/3, Nokia N1, HTC 10 and more.
  7. Setting Instruction: $ Start your game, and press the âSettingsâ-âControlâ-âCustomizeâ $ Move the âFIREâ button to the top of left corner $ Move the âAIMâ button to the top of right corner $ Adjust the shoot and aim buttons under the touchpad?of the cell phone game controller.
  8. $ âSaveâ your settings.
  9. Package includes 1 Pair of Mobile Game triggers.

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