Candes 25 L Storage Water Geyser (25METAL, Ivory)

MRP - Rs. 6340
Price - Rs. 4299

product description

  1. Bring home this water heater (25-litre capacity) from Candes and fulfil all your hot-water requirements with much ease.
  2. This geyser has an insulated body and it features a Pre-set Thermal Cut-out to ensure that you get all the hot water you need without compromising on safety.
  3. Insulated Body Its body is insulated to minimise the cold-face temperature and to make it safe for one to use.
  4. Pre-set Thermal Cut-out This water geyser features a pre-set thermal cut-out that turns it off automatically every time it crosses a particular temperature.
  5. Stainless Steel Tank Made from stainless steel, the tank of this water geyser is rust-proof.
  6. It is also coated with insulated plastic that makes it convenient for the geyser to retain heat, and thus it keeps the water warm for a longer duration.
  7. Reduced Electricity Consumption It features a Fully PUF Integration, which ensures that the water stays hot for a long period of time.
  8. It has a safe operating voltage between 220 - 240 volts.

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