Scotlon CP01 Mobile Holder

MRP - Rs. 249
Price - Rs. 189

product description

  1. The SCOTLON CHARGING POD is a multipurpose product used to charge mobiles, trimmers and power banks.
  2. It is made of 100% virgin plastic.
  3. It is provided with Anti_Slip Pad which provides the cushioning effect for your mobile.Gripping and Cushioning effect of ANTI_SLIP PAD used to keep the MOBILE firmly on the POD preventing slipping of mobile.
  4. It also prevents the mobile from scratches and also fall of mobile during vibration.In TRIMMER, the remaining residues(hairs) in it will make your table Disgusting when it spills and tough to clean also.
  5. This issue can be prevented by using this Scotlon Charging Pod as it can be placed separately and at any available Power socket with ease.
  6. While charging POWER BANK, the length of the USB cable is a major concern and can be charged only using computer USB port and with the support of books, chairs and boxes.
  7. By using this Scotlon Charging Pod, you can charge it anywhere by connecting it into the AC power socket and utilize it with great care.The Scotlon Charging Pod eradicates the use of books, chairs, boxes, etc as a supporting object.
  8. And a must have product in every Home.

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