F1 Scratch Remover Paint(450 ml)

MRP - Rs. 599
Price - Rs. 125

product description

  1. At home with glow spray paint.
  2. Giving a glossy finish, this lacquer spray paint adds a fresh shine to your old car multi-purpose this multipurpose spray paint can be used on metal as well as on wooden and ABS plastic objects.
  3. Easy to apply, just shake the can and spray without attaching any extra equipment.
  4. Drying quickly, the F1 spray paint leaves no stickiness behind.
  5. Contained in a self spray can, this multipurpose spray paint is convenient to use key features.
  6. High quality spray paint and glossy finish.
  7. Can be used on all kinds of metal surfaces.
  8. Available in standard shades.
  9. Can be used on all materials such as metal, wood, ABS plastics etc.

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