Affix Tempered Glass Guard for HTC One E9+ (5.5\" Inch Display)(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 159

product description

  1. This Affix Premium Tempered Glass Made Of Shatter Proof Glass And Comes With A Smudge Proof Coating And 2.5d Round Edge Because Of This Is A Crystal Clear View Of Your Screen Without The Hassle Of Bubbles Or Dust Getting In The Way.
  2. It Has 100% Transparency.
  3. The Affix Premium Tempered Processed Shield Provides Extensive Protection From Outside Damages And Scratches Including Sharp Objects Like Knives And Keys.
  4. And Its Laser Cut For A Perfect Fit.
  5. Oleo Phobic Coating And The 9h Hardness (High-Grade Glass) Together Prevent Most Scratches, Smudges And Fingerprints.
  6. Premium Tempered Glass: Affix Premium Tempered Glass Provides Superior Coverage And Protection To HTC One E9+.
  7. 2.5 Dcurved Round Edges: Affix Premium Tempered Glass Provides 2.5d Round Edges Around All The Edges Of HTC One E9+ for The Smooth And Better Experience At The Time Of Use.
  8. Premium Protection: Affix Premium Tempered Glass Prevents HTC One E9+ screen From Scratches , Finger Marks And Other Damages.
  9. Prfect Fit: Affix Premium Tempered Glass Provides Superior Coverage To .
  10. Maximizes Resale Value: Affix Premium Tempered Glass Maximizes The Resale Value Of Your Mobile Phones.
  11. Water & Oil Repellent: Hydrophobic Nano Coating On Affix Premium Tempered Glass Provides Superb Water & Oil Repellent Properties.
  12. Easy To Clean Performance And Anti Smudge.

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