Conical Ceramic Mug, Kycn1824 Key Chain, 136535 Pencil Grip, Canvas Set 2, Valentine Ceramic Mug, Couple Key Chain, Pen Gift Set, 26 L Backpack, and more Stencil Set and 1 Instruction booklet. Skill development - Speech/ - Optional/ summer: “NEON“ - orange/ 50/60hz (Optional) Power : 600w Laminating Speed : 650mm / Min Laminating Temperature : 0-200�C/ Well Balanced Frame with Heavy Duty Construction. * Professionally machined and assembled steel blade rail and sturdy blade assembly. * Heavy duty 7/64" all steel base with computer generated dual measures (standard and metric). * Surface protected with scratch resistant coating. * Hardened precision steel blade customized at the factory. Blades can either be re-sharpened or replaced if needed. * Machined steel side gauge with standard measures (1/32" resolution)/ together with 60 free photo-corners/ gadgets and other accessories. Carry it to your college or take it for a casual outing to ensure the safety of your essentials.LAPTOP SLEEVEInternal padded to protect and hold your laptop.AIRFLOW SYSTEMEconomically designed with multi-panel airflow provided extra padding for maximum support and greater comfort.AUDIO INTERFACEInternal pocket to secure and hold your CD or MP4 player with an external headphone pocket.ORGANIZER POCKETCompartments for cell phone/