Ford Key Chain, Shoe Table Lamp, Brown Night Lamp, Adhesive Paper Label, Ceramic Paper Weights, 10 Key Chain, Locking Key Chain, Idole Ball Pen, and more with piston filling system. The central ring offers a carved tri-dimensional representation of the "Greca" pattern from Pompeian period. It is in solid sterling silver enriched and plated with rhodium. The clip is particularly elastic and flexible and features a small wheel to facilitate the placing in the pocket. It is plated with rhodium as well.Both the fountain pens feature 14 kt gold nib.The pen comes in an elegant/ and is accented with a gleaming high polish trim. The Oblo Collection is available in a choice of Fountain. The fountain pen utilizes the reliable converter cartdridge filing mechanism and features a semi-hooded nib grades to suit your individual writing style."/ pleasing feel in the hand. The LEX clip is decorated with a scale of justice emblem in rhodium-plated metal on black enamel. The rhodium cap ring is engraved with a Greek fret pattern set inside a black resin band. Available in a twist ballpoint"/ 6x and 9.5x3.5-inch full color screen7 color high contrast viewing optionsPocket-sized/ you would be amazed by what Vision Mouse could do - It can magnify the image upto 10x. And/ too- the stems are made from actual tree branches/ and binders evenly while allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface.This Oil Paper has an exceptionally tough surface that withstands palette knife techniques and heavy brushing with stiff bristle brushes.The Oil Paper is acid-free and contains no optical brighteners/ one big keychain!Fiction :-Whosoever holds this Hammer if he be worthy shall process the power of Thor !!This is his Hammer !! & By taking this Hammer in your hand you become Thor / Sure-Cut Serrated Stainless Steel Blade/ scratches and abrasion of colour. This 200 pages notebook has many useful features lined guides and perforated pages for easy tearing. �� Colour: Yellow• Binding: Hard Bound• Material: Paper Velvet UV finish - Protection from scratch/ Med-lxbxh-5x5x6 Inch/ wisely. This stylish soft to touch Doodle notebook has a beautiful leather like feel and all-over embossing gives an incredible tactile sensation. The magnetic lock doubles as a page marker. This 200 pages notebook has many useful features lined guides and perforated pages for easy tearing. �� Colour: Blue• Binding: Hard Bound• Material: PU Leather• Number of pages: 200 pages • Page Description: Perforated pages/