ADS-PRO Combo Pack True Matte Ultra Smooth Liquid Lipstick Shade A ( 6ml )(Multicolor, 6 ml)

MRP - Rs. 900
Price - Rs. 599

product description

  1. ADS-PRO provides Combo Pack of true matte ultra smooth MultiColour liquid lipstick.
  2. Make A Good Coverage Lip Guard Like Morning Dew Drop Colour your lips with the Balm Colour Rich Lipstick which has a creamy and rich formula.
  3. Providing superior coverage on your lips this lip makeup creates a velvety and comfortable texture.
  4. Easy to use and apply this lipstick glides smoothly on your lips without any breakages.
  5. The Colour Rich Lipstick lasts for Some hours without any feathering.
  6. Providing lip-magnifying shine this lipstick defines your lips even without the help of a lip liner.
  7. Please discontinue use if not suit your skin.

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