Vatsin Impossible Screen Guard for LG G3(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 252

product description

  1. An IMPOSSIBLE GLASS screen guard (Not Tempered Glass)for protect your mobile by brand \"VATSIN\".
  2. This is a UNBREAKABLE product so use it for long life because if you use tempered glass so life of that is 1-2 months but this is unbreakable.
  3. This is dust/scratch/bubble resistant product.
  4. We use very high quality gum in this so You don't need any expert to paste it, you can paste yourself because if it not paste properly then remove it and paste again.
  5. We are providing 1 Dry & 1 wet wipes also to clean your mobile screen.
  6. NOTE: It does note cover corder EDGE of Screen.

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