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LocoRoco(for PSP)

LocoRoco(for PSP)
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Loco Roco is a unique and fun puzzle experience! The peaceful world of the LocoRoco is under attack by the not-so-nice Moja Corps. These evil outer space creatures want nothing but to capture the blissful LocoRoco and take them from their land of blowing flowers lively creatures and pastel scenery. As the planet where the LocoRoco inhabit you must tilt roll and bounce the LocoRoco to safety! Features LocoHouse and three mini-games Product Features< b> Simple yet intuitive gameplay as you bump the LocoRoco into the air tilt the landscape or break and assemble the LocoRoco to squeeze through narrow passages< li>Guide the LocoRoco through more than 40 stages of addictive platform gaming< li>Features six different types of LocoRoco each with unique voices and actions< li>Captivating light-hearted music communicates the joyous world of the LocoRoco< li>Vibrant thriving and lush 2-D world filled with slippery slopes swing ropes and more< li>< ul>

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