Lifelong LLGS23 Glass Manual Gas Stove(3 Burners)

MRP - Rs. 6550
Price - Rs. 2199

product description

  1. Bring home this gas stove from Lifelong whose three burners with stainless steel trays make for an easy cooking process.
  2. It features a toughened glass top and knobs that can be turned easily.
  3. Three Burners You can cook multiple dishes on this gas stove, as it features three burners that facilitate equal distribution of heat.
  4. Toughened Glass Top This gas stove features a toughened glass top, thereby making it a safe and durable addition to your kitchen.
  5. Easy-to-use Knobs This gas stove’s heat-resistant nylon covered knobs let you operate the burners with ease.
  6. Stainless-steel Trays This gas stove’s stainless steel trays are easy to maintain and they can be cleaned efficiently.

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