Dream Care Elastic Strap Single Size Waterproof Mattress Protector(Gold)

MRP - Rs. 2949
Price - Rs. 1359

product description

  1. Be Ready to Experience the Long Life of Your Mattress with Dream Care Mattress Protector and Save Your Investment and Health from Dust, Spots and Even Water to Make It Richer.
  2. Features of The Product 1.
  3. Water Proof Protective Layer Delivers You A Clean Mattress.
  4. 2.
  5. Cotton Finish Surface of Dream Care Mattress Protector Makes the Bed Sheet Anti Sleep When You Sleep and There by Ensures A Healthy Sleep.
  6. 3.
  7. Anti-Dust Mite Shield Prevent You from Allergic Particles.
  8. 4.
  9. Bed Bug Defense System Guards Your Mattress from Unwanted Bugs 5.
  10. Stain Barrier Extends the Life of Your Mattress.
  11. 6.
  12. Elastic Enclosure Fitting Saves Your Mattress from Sides.
  13. 7.
  14. The Product Is Expertly Assembled to Enhance the Life of Your Mattress Protector.
  15. 8.
  16. Rust Blockade Feature Protects the Fabric of Your Mattress.
  17. 9.
  18. Dream Care Recommends to Check Your Mattress Dimensions Before Placing an Order for Mattress Protector.
  19. 10.
  20. For more details, you can call our customer support at 9650270867

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