Fix It Pro Scratch Remover Wax(50 g)

MRP - Rs. 499
Price - Rs. 199

product description

  1. This Fix It Pro Scratch Remover Pen for Car and Bike comes with many features and functions.
  2. It is designed for clear coat scratch repair, filler and sealer.
  3. Non toxic, permanent odourless and water resistant works on any car or bike in any colour.
  4. It can resist water.
  5. Apply Fix It, buff it into the scratch or scuff and then just wipe away.
  6. Clear coat works on all colours.
  7. Shake Fix It Pro applicator thoroughly with cap on, apply it in shaded area.
  8. Prime the applicator on a separate surface.
  9. With tip pointed down PRESS release spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated.
  10. Protect its tip from sunlight.
  11. It may take 40 to 50 presses

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