FineArts Ohm Metal 4 in 1 Laptop Skin Pack with Screen Guard, Key Protector and Palmrest Skin Combo Set(Multicolor)

MRP - Rs. 1199
Price - Rs. 339

product description

  1. This product Laptop Skins are Manufactured with Highest Quality Standards in one of its kind HP-Certified Printing Unit.
  2. Using Branded Materials from Global Leaders in Self-Adhesive Techologies.
  3. Size of Laptop Skins is 15 x 10 Inches which fits all Laptops with Screen Size upto 15.6 inch.
  4. Key Protector is the most simplest, cost efficient yet effective way to protect the Keypad area of your Laptop from dust, cigarette ash, biscuit fillings, water spills.
  5. Easily cleanable with direct use of water.
  6. Highly durable, elastic and long lasting tear proof material.
  7. Enhances the look and life of the keypad.
  8. The Protector is made of Super Comprerssed Silicon.
  9. Laptop screen guard is designed professionally to keep your laptop screen scratch free without compromising on display.
  10. Laptop screen guard also acts as an anti-glare and protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays.
  11. It is 100 percent transparent, and will give you a wonderful visual experience ensuring safety of your delicate Laptop screen from external encumbrances.
  12. Laptop screen guards are made from high quality non-sticky material and can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind.
  13. Palmrest Skin protects your laptop palm-rest from grease, dust and stains.
  14. Very easy to install and leaves no residue when removed

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