DMG Edge To Edge Tempered Glass for Vivo V15 Pro(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 899
Price - Rs. 299

product description

  1. Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Guard for Vivo V15 ProA full body edge to edge tempered glass offers more protection and security when compared to the traditional tempered glass.
  2. It not just protects the main screen, but also protects the curved edges of most new mobile phones.
  3. The curve offers better attachability to the phone screen making it more durable.WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES:1.
  4. Ultra clear screen prtoector for Vivo V15 Pro, does not reduce visibility.2.
  5. Made of real toughened glass to provide ultimate protection against falls, scratches and bumps.3.
  6. Curved nature of the glass makes sure that you get a full body edge to edge protection for your phone.4.
  7. Oleophobic coating makes sure the phone screen is always free of fingerprints, smudges, oil or dust.5.
  8. Package includes 1 Tempered Glass, 1 Wet Wipe, 1 Dry Wipe.EASY DO IT YOURSELF INSTALLATION: 1.
  9. Make sure to clean the screen thoroughly using the included wet & dry wipes 2.
  10. Peel off the thin, clear, protective layer(s) from the screen protector before applying the protector to the phone 3.
  11. Finally, put the screen protector onto the screen slowly.
  12. Press for any bubbles.
  13. And you are DONE!

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