Crompton Super briz deco High Speed Ceiling Fan(Pack of 2) 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan(Birken White, Pack of 2)

MRP - Rs. 3480
Price - Rs. 3199

product description

  1. It is a good-looking ceiling fan which has an ornamental design with attractive gold finish shanks.
  2. It has a metallic special finish for a perfect lustrous look.
  3. This ceiling fan has 3 blades which are broad at the end, to facilitate higher air delivery and air spread for a pleasant cooling during the hot weather.The Crompton Greaves 48 Ceiling Fan has a powerful and efficient motor which gives you a strong air delivery.
  4. It has an amazingly fast sweep speed of 1200mm, air displacement of 230cmm and a maximum speed of 380 RPM.
  5. Due to these features, you are surely going to experience the best possible cooling efficiency.
  6. This is certainly going to be a stylish way of keeping cool.This ceiling fan has a large size which makes it suitable for any large room in your home or office.
  7. It has five different speed settings to enable you to select the speed of air delivery based on your needs and requirements.
  8. Also, these fans have a noise free and wobble free operation which gives you perfect usage convenience.This amazing ceiling fan consumes very less power which makes it an energy-efficient and budget-friendly cooling option for your home.
  9. The Crompton Greaves 48 Ceiling Fan requires just 70 watts of energy to operate.
  10. If you love the environment and want to save a few units of electricity, then this is going to be your best bet

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