doodad Kar 98 Premium Vinyl Laptop Decal 15.6

MRP - Rs. 499
Price - Rs. 175

product description

  1. A Laptop Skin gives Protection to your Laptop, gives it a Unique Makeover, and add Personality to it.Its Creative and Economical.
  2. It is not merely a sticker.
  3. It differentiates your Laptop from others.
  4. A Skin Protects Laptop from outside, adds Aesthetic Appeal and make it Stand Out from the crowd.
  5. Our Product is High Quality Vinyl material, which is Scratch Proof, Waterproof, Non Fading, Easy To Apply and Remove.
  6. It leaves no trace of glue on removing.
  7. Skin Lamination is of advanced technology and Matte finish with High Resolution Print Technology.
  8. Instructions for Best usage of the Skin : 1.
  9. Clean your Laptop surface thoroughly.
  10. 2.
  11. Take the Measurement of the applying area.
  12. 3.
  13. Trim the skin to get the exact size.
  14. 4.
  15. Remove the skin from only one side from the vinyl sheet.
  16. 5.
  17. Align to the laptop surface and start pressing slowly.
  18. 6.
  19. After attaching, proceed carefully and press it slightly with the use of a clean cloth or a plastic card to avoid air bubbles and dirt particles.

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