Black & Decker ACV 1205 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner(Grey, Orange)

MRP - Rs. 2845
Price - Rs. 2149

product description

  1. Your car has become a tent house for your friends every weekend.
  2. They spill food, drinks and other particles in your car.
  3. No matter how much you tell them, they still drop stuff, you thank your stars as you have the Black & Decker ACV 1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner with you.
  4. Body This Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner has a flexible hose which allows you to reach those difficult places in your car and clean them perfectly.
  5. As the cord measures 5 m in length, this vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you to clean your boot and other interiors of your car easily.
  6. You won’t have to keep stopping to remove the dust from the cleaner as it has a 0.7 capacity for dust collection.
  7. The underneath exhaust filter ensures that you are not exposed to the airborne dust while vacuuming.
  8. You can connect the 12 volt adapter of this vacuum cleaner to the cigarette lighter for power.
  9. This vacuum cleaner consumes 12.5 W of power.
  10. The power requirement for this vacuum cleaner is 12 V.  Performances and Features You can use this Black & Decker ACV 1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner for a good 30 minutes, so plug in those earphones and start cleaning your car.
  11. This Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner has a cyclonic action which keeps the dirt gathered away from the filter, thus lending consistency to the suction power.
  12. Making this car vacuum cleaner an amazing performer and durable is the double action filtration system in it.
  13. With airflow of 800 L/ min, this car vacuum cleaner has a better suction ability and can pick more dust and particles, thus keeping your vehicle spic and span.
  14. Leave this vacuum cleaner in your car to use it at your convenience and win praises for maintaining clean and fresh interiors.
  15. This car vacuum cleaner is sure to put a smile on your face after every use.

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