Impex Vacuum Cleaner V C-4703 Wet & Dry Cleaner(Yellow & Black)

MRP - Rs. 5450
Price - Rs. 4360

product description

  1. The Impex VC-4703 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is just as powerful as a 1000-watt vacuum cleaner.
  2. Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a 15-litre capacity.
  3. The cartridge filter allows you to conveniently vacuum dry and wet dirt without changing the filter.
  4. The new suction hose and - importantly - the newly developed clip-on floor nozzle play a crucial role in optimal dirt intake and ensure perfect cleaning results.
  5. The easily removable handle allows you to attach accessories directly to the suction hose.
  6. Additional extras, such as the blowing function, the ergonomic carrying handle and the extremely practical cable and accessory storage, makes working with the VC-4703 effortless.

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