Trigodon White Dunes in an Ornate Box Shaving Soap(80 g)

MRP - Rs. 625
Price - Rs. 585

product description

  1. This is 80 grams of our luxurious natural oil based shaving soap in a beautiful vintage ornate box.
  2. It is our best attempt at making a shaving soap that provides a perfect lubricant between a blade and your skin, produces voluminous amounts of lather with minimal effort, and boasts a fantastic fragrance to boot.
  3. This fragrance evokes an intoxicating feeling of standing in a desert of beautiful white sand.
  4. It has notes of cranberry, lemon, orange and jasmine.
  5. The soap has a considerable amount of coconut oil, shea butter and glycerin, all fantastic moisturizing agents for softening your beard for that closer shave.
  6. A natural oil based shaving soap massaged into your skin using a brush ensures that not only is there enough lubrication for your first pass, but for your subsequent passes as well.
  7. The process of patting readymade foam on your face does not account for this.
  8. Also, unlike mineral oils (used by most off-the-shelf products), natural oils are non-comedogenic and nutritionally beneficial to our skin.
  9. The puck should last you around 8 months assuming you shave everyday.

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