Trigodon Shaving Soap and Brush(Set of 1)

MRP - Rs. 1725
Price - Rs. 1400

product description

  1. 1) The Shaving Brush has luxuriously soft bristles, a chrome plated contoured handle for a seductively comfortable grip, a loft that will never lose its shape, and just the perfect amount of backbone and springiness.2) The Shaving Soap yields luxurious, voluminous, slick and moisturizing lather with a fragrance reminiscent of classic aquatic aftershaves.3) Shaving Soaps on average last three times longer than Shaving Creams and are much easier to lather with4) Classified as a 'Grade A' Shaving Soap with its Total Fatty Matter well exceeding the 75% requirement.5) Reputed for its unbeatable post-shave feel

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