NKMart Tempered Glass Guard for Gionee Gpad G4

MRP - Rs. 599
Price - Rs. 319

product description

  1. NKMart Tempered glass is more heat resistant than regular glass, meaning your phone is less likely to be damaged by heat.
  2. Plastic screen protectors are much more likely to be scratched than tempered glass protectors, which are up to five times as thick than standard plastic protectors.
  3. The smoothness and clarity of the tempered glass makes the screen protector feel more like your actual smart phone screen than a plastic screen cover would.
  4. Generally, NKMart tempered glass screen protectors are generally easier to put on your phone than plastic screen protectors.Tempered glass is usually used for protecting and not damaging the display when mobile phone is dropped,Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails,NKMart Tempered Glass Screen Protector Has Been Specially Made To Cover And Protect Your Device'S Screen From Damage And Scratches With Uniquely Processed Transparent Hd Glass And Scratch Resistant Material.
  5. It Keeps Your Screen Fingerprint And Smudge Free And Provides The Quick Responsive Touch And Vibrant Clarity.
  6. Its New Adhesive Technology Provides A Worry Free Installation With A Simple Swipe.
  7. The Slimmest Screen Protector Comes With Rounded Borders, Prevents Chipping At The Edges.
  8. The Tempered Glass Technology Prevents The Glass From Shattering While Facing Heavy Impact.

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