Osasbazaar Silver Dish for Puja and Dessert 97% Pure BIS Hallmarked Small Plates

MRP - Rs. 6999
Price - Rs. 4779

product description

  1. Osasbazaar Silver Plate Small for Pooja and Dessert - 97% Pure BIS Hallmarked: Silver is considered to be a holy & pure metal.
  2. Silver is believed to channel positive energy around you.
  3. That is why silverware is used in Pooja.
  4. Also silverware is anti-bacterial and very hygienic.
  5. It is also very plush and luxurious.
  6. Use this plate for Pooja, Dessert or for feeding your kid.
  7. This plate is a must have for your various needs.
  8. Also it's a thoughtful gift for your friends and family.
  9. It is made of Pure Silver Metal of 97% Purity.
  10. Weight of Silver is approximately 70-75 grams.
  11. Please note that since silver articles are handmade, there is a tolerance of upto +/-1% in the purity.

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