edzeal Edzeal Antivirus Total Security 3PC 1 Year

MRP - Rs. 2550
Price - Rs. 1299

product description

  1. Edzeal Total Security FeaturesProduct DescriptionEdzeal Total Security is a premium security and protection solution for your PC brought by EDZEAL which can be used everybody.
  2. It protects your PC against all types of data thefts and threats.
  3. In today's fast paced life, data protection and safety is an utmost concern, Edzeal Total Security caters to both offering highest standard of security.
  4. Edzeal will help you to browse the Internet safely and conduct online transactions with a complete peace of mind.
  5. • Proactive Security• Web Filtering• Parental Control• Personal Firewall• Device Protection• Heuristic Scanning• Email Security• Optimizer• Anti-Phishing• USB Control• Data Loss Prevention• Block Page Info• Spyware, Adware, Keylogger• Rootkit Blocker• Suspicious App Detection• Backup before Disinfection• Parental Control• Internet Patrolling Analyser• USB Detection Alert• Block Web Content• lock Web Applets• Privacy Protection• Browser Security• Block Pop-Up• Password Protected Settings Edzeal also protects your PC from all the unnecessary spamming or virus contained mails.
  6. The Firewall in the solution protects all unauthorised access to your network and sheilds your PC from all unauthorized activities like data theft, phishing etc.
  7. All such concerns are handled in Real Time.
  8. Our database of viruse is updated on daily basis.
  9. We already have 10 million virus signatures in our database and many more are added everyday.
  10. One of the most important features of this security solution is Parental Control.
  11. It keeps browsing patterns of your children and loved ones under control thereby guaranteeing safe and clean browsing experience.You can configure what content is to be viewed and what content needs to be blocked.
  12. Edzeal’s has advanced features such as Optimizer and Proactive Denfense Analyzer.
  13. The optimizer has the ability to identify and remove the unnecessary files from time to time and enhance the overall performance of your PC.
  14. With the Proactive Defense Analyzer Edzeal Total Security can detect and and remove threats and malware even though it has not yet been added to the virus database.
  15. It protects your PC from the threats may appear in future and hence keeps your files and data total secured.

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