Saco Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 Tablet Wired USB Tablet Keyboard(Black)

MRP - Rs. 900
Price - Rs. 785

product description

  1. Improve the functionality of your tablet Case with Keyboard.
  2. Enhance your typing experience on your tablet with this responsive keyboard case.
  3. Case with built-in keyboard sets your tablet in the laptop position for quicker and more comfortable typing.
  4. Stylish leather case protects the tablet against scratches and dirt.
  5. Case can be positioned for landscape view for easy viewing.
  6. Built-in stand for video mode.
  7. Magnetic flap closure system keeps tablet securely in case.
  8. Keyboard connects to your tablet through Micro USB connector.
  9. Outer dimension of the keyboard case is 280mm * 190mm.
  10. suitable for all android tablets which have micro USB connecter and size range is from 240 * 140 mm to 275 * 175 mm.

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