Noise Classic Grey Solid Skull Cap

MRP - Rs. 599
Price - Rs. 349

product description

  1. Noise Slouchy beanie is head-hugging, round close-fitting hat resembling a skullcap with a droop.
  2. They are worn low on the head, covering the forehead, and can be pulled down over the ears as well.
  3. With a cool ring to this cotton slouchy beanie, you will be more attractive! These are made of high quality materials, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing.
  4. Offering a snuggly secure feeling when placed on the head.
  5. Not tight, but just right for all seasons.Hurry up..
  6. take this cotton beanie at home! Not only stylish, but protecting you from dirt, dust and sunlight.
  7. So style yourself with this trendy fashion accessory for all age groups!

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