LIRAMARK Edge To Edge Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Anti Spy 9H Privacy 5D Full Cover ( Case Friendly )(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 1999
Price - Rs. 799

product description

  1. 1.ANTISPY - No need to turn down the brightness to get the better effect of privacy, the screen will become invisible when the view angle exceeds 30 degrees.[PLEASE NOTE: Privacy filter may reduce display brightness] 2.cASE FRIENDLY:-Edge to edge screen protector will peel off easily when its in phone cases,we made the privacy screen protector a little smaller than the screen ,it will be a small gap around the phone and compatible with most phone cases.
  2. 3.SCRATCH TERMINATOR :- 9H Hardness makes it difficult to scratch, even with a knife, keys, or other sharp objects.
  3. Three times stronger than regular PET plastic film screen protectors.
  4. 4.EASY INSTALLATION :- The back side is covered with a strong adhesive for easy installation.
  5. 5.SENSITIVE TOUCHING :- Ultra thin thickness and smooth surface protect your iphone without affecting your screens quality image or touch sensitivity.
  6. 6.
  7. WATERPROOF AND OIL-PROOF :- Oleophobic Coating: The protector has an oleophobic coating that prevents water and other contaminants plus makes the film easy to clean.
  8. Extends the life of your iphone screen.

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