Toyshine Glow in Night Slime Putty, Mud, White, Pack of 3 Multicolor Putty Toy

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 499

product description

  1. Toyshine Glow in Night Drum Slime Putty, Mix Color, Pack of 6 Looking for new interesting toys for yourself or your child? There is a unique product to your attention! A set of 3 glitter slimes.
  2. Your smallest family members will get super excited and happy to have this amazing Set of 3 Slimes.
  3. This new kids toy is so interesting that you and your child just fall in love with it! Play, have fun and create funny things that just come to your mind.
  4. Toy slimes stay perfectly in shape, and their color will adorn absolutely any room.
  5. This unique awesome antistress toy does not stick to your hands and its completely harmless and non-toxic slime.
  6. It is made of ecologically clean raw materials, looks like jelly and has no smell.
  7. Also it is really soft so you can redesign your slime antistress toy works even after a long time.
  8. Do not worry about your child! He will spend hours playing with super cool fluffy slimes outdoors during summer or spring.
  9. Kids slime ideally develops fine motor skills of the child and also allows to develop his or her imagination which makes it perfect school toy or educational toy.
  10. This is a great arts and crafts for boys or girls birthday present or for some other holiday.
  11. Do not limit your child in development! Purchase this Set of 3 Slimes right now and let your child embody his fantasies in reality!

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