Sennheiser HD 203 Wired Headphone(Silver & Black, Over the Ear)

MRP - Rs. 3490
Price - Rs. 3490

product description

  1. The Sennheiser HD 203 is an elegantly designed headphone that promises to create a lifelike listening experience.
  2. This on-the-ear headphone is comfortable to use as it comfortably rests on your ear and directs the sound produced into your ear canals.
  3. This Sennheiser headphone follows over-the-head configuration that does not let you feel exhausted in the long run.
  4. This headphone functions on wired connectivity with the audio source and is compatible with a range of audio players and consoles.
  5. Design This headphone has been packaged with features that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal bit also adds value to the sound produced.
  6. The closed back of the ear cup plays a vital role in creating an acoustic seal and retaining the sound produced within these cups.
  7. The ear cups are attached to a headband that is flexible in nature and adapts well according to the contours of your head for a secure and comfortable fit.
  8. This headphone comes equipped with an Oxygen-Free Copper cable that gives you the freedom to conveniently manage the audio source.
  9. Sennheiser provides you with a 6.3 mm snap-on adaptor that lets you use this headphone with audio recording and mixing consoles.
  10. However, the 3.5 mm audio plug that comes with it gives offers you connectivity with a range of portable audio players.
  11. This headphone hits the scale at 362 g.
  12. Sound This headphone comes loaded with two driver units that have housed sophisticated instruments for converting the electrical signals fed into it into sound waves.
  13. The Neodymium magnets, present within the driver units, play a crucial role in retaining maximum amount of musical precision in the sound produced.
  14. The impedance of 32 ohm makes this headphone sufficiently louder to match the requirements of all sorts of music.
  15. Additionally, the efficiency gets a boost from 115 dB/mW of sensitivity.
  16. This headphone eliminates any distortion in the sound produced and reflects every beat with apt amount of sound as the frequency response of this headphone lies between 18 Hz and 18000 Hz.

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