Klipsch Audio Music Headphone(White, On the Ear)

MRP - Rs. 18900
Price - Rs. 17900

product description

  1. The new standard in on-ear headphones combines comfort and sound quality into a compact package.
  2. Not built to be flashy, Reference On-Ear hides things like hinges and sliding mechanisms in favor of a minimal, clean design.
  3. Protecting mechanical components from the outside world also improves reliability so you have a headphone that will last for years to come.
  4. A ground-up design focusing on proper representation of music from any genre, Reference On-Ear doesn't add anything you weren't meant to hear by the artist.
  5. Vocals are clear, highs are crisp, and bass is true and accurate.
  6. Reference On-Ear's premium ear cushions are soft and deep.
  7. This significantly improves comfort and separates music away from outside noise.
  8. The earcup provides articulation in every direction, ensuring that pressure is applied evenly across the entire ear.
  9. With just the right amount of headband pressure, your ears stay comfortable for hours.Designed with portability in mind, Reference On-Ear is light on your head and folds up.
  10. The ear cups have been shrunken to where the ear cushion is the largest component.


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