Pinzo 1 Compartments Plastic Transparent Paper Document Box with 2-Hole Filing Mechanism(White)

MRP - Rs. 649
Price - Rs. 549

product description

  1. Keep and store papers, documents and files in this transparent paper document storage box.
  2. The box comes with more space for storage and 2-hole filing mechanism for filing punched papers and documents.
  3. Snap-shut clip latches closes the lid securely, keeping the papers safe inside.
  4. .
  5. A paper holding clip prevents papers from mixing with each other.
  6. The document box opens flat, making it easy to insert, remove and organize documents.
  7. The box is made from durable plastic and can stand firm and erect on its own.
  8. Product Specification Plastic box with 2-hole filing mechanism for keeping papers, documents and files.
  9. Holding clip prevents papers from mixing up even when box is turned upside down.
  10. Box opens flat for inserting, removing and filing papers and documents.
  11. Snap-shut latch keeps papers safe and secure.
  12. Transparent plastic for clear visibility.
  13. Remains firm and erect without support.
  14. Ideal for desktops and shelves.

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