Ipro 10000 mAh Power Bank (IP37L, Lithium Polymer)(Red, Lithium Polymer)

MRP - Rs. 2799
Price - Rs. 1049

product description

  1. The iPro IP37L is a 10000 mAh battery that comes in handy when your device is running out of charge while on the go.
  2. It has two charging ports, so you can connect more than one device to it at a time.
  3. Basically, the power bank is a tool to save energy .
  4. Many also call the bank as a portable power charger , the tool to recharge gadgets when we 're traveling ( on the go ) .
  5. Ability to store energy and transfer it to another gadget to make power bank a must-have tool to support the mobile gadget users who rarely meet , or could not find a power source for downloading cas gadget .
  6. i - PRO Power Bank is a high-capacity portable charger and intelligent .
  7. Have an indicator light that shows the electric current capacity in several stages coupled with overcharge protection systems to increase efficiency .
  8. As well as having the function recondition the battery capacity of your electronic devices .
  9. This capability results from two powerful 10000mAh battery .
  10. Where can save a great power for iPad , iPhone , Blackberry and other electronic devices with pengisiian short time and efficiently .
  11. i - PRO Power Bank is also equipped with a wide variety of electronic devices port bracket to ease the conduct of charging

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