Inox Jewelry Large Curb Link Stainless Steel Ring

MRP - Rs. 1949
Price - Rs. 1949

product description

  1. INOX Jewelry is a popular American Brand that specializes in Stainless Steel & Alternative Metal Fashion Jewelry.
  2. This product is an ideal choice for tropical climates because it will not oxidize nor tarnish (compared to Silver & Brass) over time.  INOX Jewelry is non-toxic and does not contain cancer causing agents such as Lead.
  3. Products are made with High Quality 316L Stainless Steel that is safe on the skin and for your health.
  4. INOX Jewelry follows American Safety Standards and is now available in India.
  5. It is recommended to avoid exposing jewelry to perfumes, aerosol sprays, harsh detergents and ultrasonic cleaners.
  6. Please clean jewelry in mild soapy water with a soft brush.
  7. This item is imported and comes with a One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

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