zZeonee Tempered Glass Guard for Sony Xperia M2 / Sony Xperia M2Dual SIM(Pack of 1)

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 254

product description

  1. The zZeonee's Premium Quality Tempered Glass will prevent from scratches on your device screen without sacrificing visibility.
  2. Its dust repelling, reduces glare, smudges and improves clarity.
  3. It uses a static adhesive that will not leave a residue when removed, and makes installation error-proof.
  4. The screen glass guard also comes along with a screen cleaning wipes, allowing you to remove dust or debris from your screen before applying the Screen Protector.
  5. The bubble-free application makes zZeonee's screen guards an ultimate solution for making your device screen brilliant and scratch-free.

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