Funskool The Game of Life Board Game

MRP - Rs. 899
Price - Rs. 699

product description

  1. Take your child through the ride of ups, downs, twists, and turns in the journey of life, replicated in this classic board game.
  2. Start college, pay tuition, take bank loans, earn degrees of your choice, buy or sell a house, start a career and get promotions, or start a family, all in one game.  2 - 6 Players Invite his friends over, or let him bond with his siblings or cousins, in this group play.
  3. Improves Child's Imagination With different ways to start this game, every game will be different, ruling out any boredom.
  4. Inculcate smart, logical and creative thinking in your little player by letting him choose his preferences in family and professional life.

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