Shiv Jagdamba Religious Jewellery Cubic Zircon Crystal Lord Shiv Trishul Damaru With Rudhrasha Locket Gold-plated Cubic Zirconia Metal, Brass, Alloy Pendant

MRP - Rs. 599
Price - Rs. 211

product description

  1. Height of Pendent is 25 mm (approx.), width is 14 mm (approx.) Made from Alloy with Gold Color.
  2. Rudraksha beads are one of the most auspicious and divine rudraksha available these days.
  3. Rudraksha is very much dear to Lord Shiva.
  4. These beads are well-known for effects like Cooling down thought, Protecting health and Bringing peace.Blesses wearer with high level of awareness, divine consciousness, wisdom, right judgment, control over all senses, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life, fearlessness and success.Gift-Perfect gift on ValentineâÂÂs Day , Anniversary Day Gift, Friendship Day Gift, Birthday Gift, Merry Christmas Gift, Good gift for your friends, lover, family and children.
  5. Men Style is a pioneer brand in fashion jewelry.
  6. We value of our customer and customer satisfaction is our primary aim.
  7. Nice Gift for Men and Boys.

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