Silver's SB-503 Badminton Kit

MRP - Rs. 849
Price - Rs. 358

product description

  1. Practise your shots to perfect them or prepare for your next tournament with this Silver’s Badminton Kit that includes a pair of racquets and a box of shuttlecocks.
  2. Tempered Steel Shaft The shafts of these racquets are made of tempered steel which gives it increased strength and durability.
  3. Racquets Comes with Half Cover These SB-503 racquets come with half covers that help you cover their heads to keep them safe and prevent scratches to the frame or damages to the string during transportation.
  4. One Side Tetron and One Side Transparent PVC Cover Material The tetron and PVC cover is resistant to wear and provides a waterproof covering to the racquets’ head.

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