SPARXON Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8(Transparent, Grip Case, Silicon)

MRP - Rs. 1499
Price - Rs. 179

product description

  1. SPARXON smartphone case - A great smartphone case for you: SPARXON crystal case is clear and thin for invisible protection against bumps and scratches.
  2. Its flexible quality makes it easy to slip on and off while maintaining a slim profile.
  3. Why choose SPARXON smartphone case? Durably Flexible - TPU case is flexible yet resilient for an exact fit that won't stretch over time.
  4. Comfy Grip - Has just the right amount of grip for comfort in your hands and pockets.
  5. Ultra-Transparent - Shows off your original phone design with smart clarity, and keeps you in a chic style while prevents air bubbles and watermarks on the back of the phone.
  6. Premium TPU Material- Can effectively delay the phone case from turning yellow (this is due to the molecular stucture of TPU, which contains benzene rings that absorb light easily; once syntheiszed, TPU will slowly turn yellow, but it will do so extremely slowly or not at all if it is not exposed to light.
  7. If exposed to light, heat processing, high temperatures, and high humidity, the rate at which it will turn yellow will increase.)

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