Netripples Genetics Research Center(1 year, 1 PC)

MRP - Rs. 20000
Price - Rs. 10000

product description

  1. Netripples Clinic Hospital System is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to manage and automate the activities of the any OP Clinic, Poly Clinic, Medical Practitioner office, General practitioner , Medical Officer, General Physician of any Speciality and all types of Diagnosis, Treatment Plans, Prescriptions including small day bed and minor surgeries management.
  2. Key functions include Patient Appointments, Registration of Inpatient/Outpatient, Investigation Management, Cashier management, Hospital Inventory Management, and over 200 Individual/Summary reports.
  3. User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software.

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