Avaatar 4 Carat Ruby Metal Pendant

MRP - Rs. 3350
Price - Rs. 1995

product description

  1. This Pendant Contains Ruby Gemstone Which Represents Planet Sun.
  2. It Is Gemstone Of Love.
  3. Wearing This Gemstone Generates Liveliness And Induces Spark In Human Nature.
  4. It Casts Away Gloom And Brings In Liveliness Of Character.
  5. The Gemstone Enhances Financial Stability And Improves One’S Recognition In The Society.
  6. If The Position Of The Sun Is Weak In The Horoscope And You Are Facing Health Problems Like Hypertension, Lung Diseases, Back-Bone, Diabetes, Piles, Cholera, Jaundice And So On, But You Want Rid Of These Problems As Well As Improve Your Personality Then You Should Wear Ruby Gemstone.
  7. Ruby Gemstone Gives Prosperity, Wealth, Comfort, Luxury, Power, Name And Fame.
  8. It Cures And Protects Various Long Suffering Problems.

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