Avaatar 7 Carat Bello Metal Sapphire Ring

MRP - Rs. 5300
Price - Rs. 2150

product description

  1. Saturn Is One Of The Most Important Planets That Govern Maximum Part Of Our Daily Activities.
  2. The Success And Fulfillment In A Person'S Life Depends Much On The State Of Saturn That Is Governing Your Planets And Stars.
  3. Hence It Is Very Important To Fix Malefic Effects Of Saturn Planet According To Hindu Mythology ( Shani Dosh).
  4. It Is Very Important To Wear A Genuine And Original Gemstone For Maximum Benefit.
  5. Wearing A Neelam Ring Can Bring Financial Fortunes, Protect Against Envy, Help In Curing Depressions, Ease Tension And Misunderstanding And Helps In Bringing Wealth And Prosperity.
  6. Wear Neelam Stone Ring To Please God Shani Devta.
  7. You Can Wear The Stone In Gold (Panchdhatu)Or In Silver In The Morning Of Any Saturday .
  8. Wear It In The Middle Finger.
  9. For Purification And Activate The Gemstone , Dip The Ring In Milk, Honey And Pure Water, For 20 To 30 Minutes, Burn 5 Incense Sticks To Name Of Shani Deva And Pray That You Are Going To Wear The Representative Gemstone Blue  Sapphire To Have Blessings From Shani Deva.
  10. Then Take Out The Ring From The Pure Water And Round It Up The Incense Sticks 11 Times While Speaking The Mantra ॐ शं शनिश्चराय नम: After The Mantra You Can Wear It In Your Middle Finger.

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