Avaatar 3 Carat Panchdhatu Bello Metal Sapphire Ring

MRP - Rs. 4600
Price - Rs. 1900

product description

  1. According to Hindu Astrology yellow sapphire (pukhraj) signifies the planet Jupiter.
  2. It is golden yellow or a shade of lemon yellow in color .
  3. It is worn by people to procure blessings of the planet Jupiter and remove the malefic effects of planet Jupiter.
  4. It bestows the wearer with good health, intelligence, wealth, financial gain, long life, and fame and honor.
  5. It is possible to gain financial stability by wearing Pukhraj.
  6. Yellow sapphire is known to increase chances of profit in business and export import deals and it is believed that it boosts the amount of profit too.
  7. It is also helpful for those who are suffering delays in finding a good life partner.
  8. Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is said to ensure that there are no hitches and delays in marriage.
  9. Not only this, if there are problems of getting a child, Jupiter also raises chances of getting a new one born in your family.Placing a Yellow Sapphire at your home or in cash boxes is said to attract riches and is believed to increase earnings.
  10. This gemstone will help you to fulfill your dreams.
  11. Please note that for Astrological purpose for wearing a stone of 3.25 Ratti we can use a gemstone of carat weight 2.50 -3.14cts

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